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We promise you the Royalty, Presidential and Celebrity service rolled into one. That’s right, we mean business when we say flying private is made affordable for all. Wherever you are, we take you wherever your heart desires. For us, there are no borders.

Mocktail Pleasure Flight

We are the first to coin this term, for far too long the ethnic market has been undermined and undervalued, we believe it is high time to pay full attention to this very unique and important market.

Wedding & Anniversary Flight

Everyone wants to feel special, what other way is there than to surprise your loved one with a Private Flight to a special destination. Flying Private is cheaper than many think, the world has evolved with the help of advanced technology and concept of shared economy, this is why some of these luxuries are becoming more and more affordable and on top of that we as an establishment have a mission of making Flying Private More Affordable for everyone irrespective of their financial background. We would like to see a world where Flying Private is as accessible as commercial flying, a concept that was unheard of before Southwest or Rynair, however these two companies have proven that impossible is possible and we too will make impossible into a possibility.

wedding flight

Helicopter Charter

Our key focus market for this particular service is Europe, The USA, Indian Subcontinent. We have partnered with some of the best operators from the region to bring you the best value for money and an unforgettable experience. In particular cases like Bangladesh, the road infrastructure is very poor with dangerous traffic, broken highways and of course chockablock congestion which results in extreme pollution, a journey that takes 8 hours by road can be covered in 1 hour by helicopter. We have all kinds of capabilities with different seating configurations, we can cater for all your needs, be it a corporate meeting, wedding reception or medical evacuation and emergencies. You can count on us when you need this service.

Yacht Charter

Luxuries such as Yachts are synonymous to the rich folks, such luxuries have been preserved from the masses for decades, but not any more, thanks to modern technology and way of living, the rich and famous are now allowing their preserved luxuries to be used by the masses even for as little as 4hours, so long they have aspirations to do so. If you are interested in experiencing the the elite lifestyle with your friends/families, get in touch with us and we will make it happen, wherever in the world, the UK, France, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Spain, the UAE and the rest!

Yacht Charter